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Based in Hong Kong, Drop Your Closet is an online platform curating vintage and second-hand apparel and bringing them to your doorstep.


Bold and old, unique with a twist, wrinkled but gorgeous, we live and die for clothes that have a story. The ones that have seen faces and parties and tears...


Founded in Hong Kong by Alizé de Sainte Marie, Drop Your Closet is the virtual bridge between unique pieces and unique people. 


Questioning the needs for producing and buying brand new clothes, DYC’s mission is to source exclusive clothing offering men and women style and authenticity in a sustainable way. It’s time to question our way of consuming and take action to start a change.


DYC was founded with the idea that Vintage Fashion has 2 unique powers:

. transcending time, making the old becomes new and trendy again.

. helping people to change while supporting the environment.



"Think new for you, not brand-new!"


Drop Your Closet was born in 2018 from an event aiming to upcycle people’s clothes. It soon became a monthly event, and more and more people were participating. Still to this day we continue supporting this movement and encourage you to do so! 


If you want to DROP YOUR CLOSET and be part of the party, contact us and we will get back to you promptly.

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